The Once and Future King

Session XXVI

NPCs Met in Session 16,

Journeyman Magaji — an eager, practical, and ugly young engineer from Hwelo who is waiting to join Father Silas in the return journey back to Safiya.

Master Gblou — an ignorant, misleading merchant of arcane oddities who wears brightly colored clothes and is heavily perfurmed. He deals with Contract Negotiator Niraivi.

Runner Aliyu — a 12 year old girl with boyish mannerisms who laughs a lot and disparages having to lead around the party as a guide. She has the personality of a veteran much older than herself and carries a curious black iron crossbow that the party found to be infused with a necromantic and evocative magic.

Armsman Raki — a malnourished man with fearful, wild eyes and an unkempt beard. He is a defector from Mining Station #2 who tried to find his way back to Mining Station #1 and ran out of food and fuel along the way. He was caught trying to sneak up on the party.

Miner Yahaya — an old, bald, but well-muscled man who has been in the mines for 13 years, living there after having been charged with murder. He was caught observing the party from hiding while they set up a camp and shot at them with a crossbow when approached. He attempted to hire them over to the side of the rebels, but ended up instead in an argument with Cptn Forester and being tied up and gagged.


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