The Once and Future King

Session XIX:

Recap of Session XIX:
(1) In the combat with the fishlike people, one clad in grey robes set down an orange lantern and opened it. It distorted the figures of Father Silas and Guardswoman Har’Dan and sucked them into it. Savishi also felt drawn into it but escaped and Babajide dropped unconscious.

(2) With their allies missing, the remaining party struggled a bit with the large fish creatures. Aliyu’s black crossbow lashed out with a dark hand of necromantic energy snatching up one of the dying foes and splattering her in gore. Captain Forester was killed after taking a horrible stab in the ribs and thigh and bleeding out while Agu Azi tried to pull him off to heal him. Talatu nearly died.

(3) After the melee, the party buried Forester’s body in a hastily build cairn of stones. Agu Azi inspected the lantern, and finding it fused to the stone it was set upon, hid it beneath some rocks. The one-legged Rebel thought the fishlike poeple, who shrunk after death, to be the Langlin he had heard stories about from Haulers. Concerned about those that left returning, the party pushed ahead to a camp.

(4) That night Agu Azi sneaked back to the lantern in the form of a rabbit and inspected it further. It reacted to his experimentation by reopening. He escaped its pull and returned to camp, but Aliyu was on watch during this time and noticed his departure and return. Savishi was awakened in the night by a winged serpent. It hissed to her gentle warnings and took residence in her turban.

5) In the morning, the party awoke to the surprising arrival of an Elven cleric named Zuthur Baltha. Agu Azi vouched for him. The cleric spoke with an intimate knowledge of the party and introduced himself and his goals very plainly. He was accepted into the fold.

(6) With everyone gathered together, Savishi took her vows as a paladin, speaking to the ideals she planned to uphold, she also revealed her gender to the party and her allegiance to Manorayja. After some discussion over their new situation, the party decided to travel to the second mining station to bring down the demon Slavemaster Wuta Zafi that the one-legged miner Rabiu informed them was there.

(7) While traveling down around a spiral ledge in a large cylindrical cavern covered with the slick brown moss, the party heard unearthly sounds echoing around them. Rabiu panicked, his stalagmite crutch snapped, and he slipped from the precipice, falling hundreds of meters to a grisly end.

(8) While setting up camp after a long hike, Agu Azi uncharacteristically led the party in an outspoken lament of not having seen the sky for so long. The elven cleric cast daylight to sate his companions, only to be startled by scurried movement at the very edge of their field of vision.


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