The Once and Future King is a DnD 5th edition game set in and around Xeros after both the fall of King Okoye and the Okoye Dynasty, and the rise of Queen Buhari. Despite divided loyalties and many unanswered questions, The PCs remain loyalists to the king.

PC Races: Xeros is populated primarily by humans, who look at other races and nationalities with scorn. Xerosi names are primarily derived from Hausa names and the imagery used in our game is generally left for players to either interpret as European or as African, as each player sees fit. Other humans include people from lands near Xeros such as the people of the new kingdom of Hwelo, who are technologically advanced, “proto-Xerosi” savannah tribesman, and “swampmen”. Most dwarves are Tsarkosi, a culture of hill tribes who were decimated in a recent war and are usually seen as mercenaries these days. Most elves are Jinslrl, an educated trade diaspora who have lost most of their giant tree city homes and are divided between conflicting scholar and merchant factions. There is a Dragon Born presence in a mountain temple past Hwelo.

Monsters: No other standard DnD player race has been encountered, but there is an abundance of tailor made creepy crawlies in and around Xeros, many of which are sentient. Ilish, our most frequent foe, are hairy and primate like in stance, yet have insect like exoskeletons and spit poison. They are the remnants of a great forgotten civilization and are slowly rebuilding while the humans squabble with one another. Cave Octopuses are a thing too, they have lots of arms. There are cave octopus like creatures that live in tree canopies as well, called Gigamesh. Recently, in the mines under Hwelo, we have met several new creepy crawlies such as Kaguwa, giant sentient insectoid monsters with many legs and tails reminiscent of a scorpion’s tail that wrap underneath their bodies, grab people, and carry people away (I often refer to them as tyrannids or hydralisks). Mutumci are giant babies, often diseased and presumably quite stupid (and Warhammer-esque in my opinion). The fish people most recently encountered are presumed to be the children of Manoraiya, Arch Fey lady of illusion.

The story so far: Our campaign’s story began with searching for Princess Orisa Okoye on behalf of the king. We also found him a new place to build a stronghold. The quest to find her took us to the distant Odili Monastery, home to the Cult of Decidia, goddess of agriculture, nature and fertility (CN) and home to the secretive Decidia’s Chosen (think a cult of ecoterrorists). We’ve had a bit of wandering around the swamps and encountering the swamp men, and their Razbatarahu Cult who are ridden by spirits and who try to appease those spirits. We’ve had a bit of dungeon delving in the crypts of Tethys Caine underneath Odili Monastery as well (where we met our first 2 PC deaths). Upon finally finding the princess, we learned that she didn’t want to return to her father, and that she viewed him with scorn as ineffective. The situation between king and princess is now such that we wouldn’t be surprised if either of them assassinated the other. We’ve most recently been sent to negotiate an alliance with the lord of Hwelo, now King Toure of the Kingdom of Hwelo. King Toure has sent us into the deep caverns under Hwelo to root out a rebellion of miners, and we find ourselves with mysteries to investigate, creepy crawlies to exterminate, further division of loyalties, and two unexpected pregnancies (those giant babies seemed to have a retroactive fertility enhancing effect of some kind, that’s a joke ;) ).

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